Law Practice Management with Outlook

Legal 365 is the modern Legal Case Management and Accounting software certified by Microsoft

Legal 365 helps law firms save time with case management integrated with Outlook and cloud-based accounting.
All based on Microsoft technology and certified by Microsoft.
Join our thousands of legal professionals who use Legal 365 on a daily basis.

Legal 365 is built for lawyers

Lawyers need only work in Outlook

You work only in Outlook,

where all the daily tools for the lawyer are available. It saves you time to do everything in one work process.

Analysis and reporting for Lawyers

Analysis and reporting

enables you to overview your business and supports you in making the best decisions.

Financial Management for Law Firms

Financial Management

with complete ERP is included, ie. invoicing, documents, accounting etc.

… and you don’t have to be interested in IT

Law Practice Management runs over the internet

It all runs over the internet

You don’t have to install anything. You just log in, like when you check your email on the internet.

Up and running in a matter of days

Up and running in only days

You will not waste any time on an IT-project. We will take care of it.

We are ready to help you at Legal 365

We are ready to help you

on email and on the phone, because IT must not waste your time.

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Thousands use Legal 365 every day

“I have seen what it means in my day-to-day work life, and it convinced us at Reimer Legal to have a practice management system in place from the start.”

“When we looked at the options, Legal 365 actually turned out to be eminently suitable for smaller law firms.”

Janie C. Nielsen, lawyer and partner at Reimer Legal

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To Reimer Legal it is about saving time
Bech Bruun using Legal 365 Law Practice Management
Alpha Law using Legal 365 Law Practice Management
Effekt Law with Legal 365
Forenede Ejendomsselskaber using Legal 365 Law Practice Management
Fønix Advokater using Legal 365 Law Practice Management
Gangsted Rasmussen using Legal 365 Law Practice Management
Integra using Legal 365 Law Practice Management
Nodeco using Legal 365 Law Practice Management

You will be up and running in days

Step 1: Presentation


We go through the solution with you and plan the following steps.

Step 2: Data collection

Data collection

You gather your data about clients, parties, cases etc.

Step 3: Implementation


We load your data and prepare the solution for use.

Step 4: Go live

Go live

You get access to Legal 365, and we teach you, and then you are ready to go.

Legal 365 is certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

We take care of operations

Legal 365 is an integrated suite of Microsoft solutions running in the Cloud (on Microsoft Azure). Actually you don’t have to care about any of that, because we handle all operations and maintenance. Upgrades to new versions with new functionalies are also included in the price. Legal 365 is certified by Microsoft.

Let’s talk about the cost

Legal 365 is a cheap solution, if you take into account the time you save in your daily case work

Monthly subscription for Legal 365

You pay a monthly subscription for a user.

Calculate the hours you can save with Legal 365

Let’s calculate together how many hours you can save each month.

Legal 365 is maybe not the cheapest solution in the market, but in exchange it is really time saving. We can help you calculate how much time you can expect to save.

We believe it is more important for you to save time and invoice more hours – than to use ineffective system to save a bit on the cost.

Want to see Legal 365 for free?

If you want to see what the Legal 365 solution is all about, please follow us to the contact page, and we will schedule a demo over the internet with you.