Legal 365 is prepared for growth at Effekt Advokatfirma

Effekt Law Firm use Legal 365

”We are very satisfied with the collaboration. The overall approach of Legal 365 matches the philosophy of a modern law firm like ours, which consists of younger lawyers.”

We were already familiar with the solution from one of the major law firms, which is how we knew it was a proven solution.
Jesper Lindhardt, Partner, Effekt Law Firm

Effekt Law Firm uses the Legal 365 practice management solution, which is made for law firms using Microsoft’s cloud-based technology. Legal 365 is made for lawyers, and information about specific cases – everything from correspondence and documents to accounting and contacts – can be found easily, both in Outlook and in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system that comes with Legal 365.

Out-of-the-box solution

We have a complete, ready-to-use solution that is quick to get started with and is targeted at the needs of a law firm like ours.” says Jesper Lindhardt.

The law firm tested the solution for a few days before going live.

The test confirmed our positive expectations that we would have more time for the essential things – and with that, faster casework. I look forward to getting our casework streamlined around all of our needs,” says Jesper Lindhardt.

Saves on administrative assistance

Gains are realized thanks to the solution’s automated workflows that simplify administrative processes – which allows the firm’s attorneys to handle all the administrative work themselves. In the short term it eliminates the need to hire an administrative assistant.

In future we can handle everything ourselves. Everything from financial management, time tracking and document management to archiving. Without this solution, our administrative tasks would require hiring a full-time administrative assistant,” says Jesper Lindhardt of Effekt Law Firm.

Filing directly from Outlook

Archiving files and documents is done directly from Outlook rather than manually. Jesper Lindhardt elaborates:

A single click in Outlook and the automated workflow handles the rest. The files are automatically placed in the right folders and under the right case number. This saves us enormous amounts of time. It also makes it easy to find the documents again. The time-tracking tool gives us a better overview of profitability and it increases the speed with which we can invoice. This ultimately strengthens our liquidity.”

Jesper Lindhardt has this to say about the user experience:

Legal 365 and Office 365 are true plug-and-play solutions and easy to get started with. It’s smart that everything is done in the same system – and that all of the tools are similar to Office programs.

Ready to use from day one

Effekt Law Firm’s desire to implement a cloud-based business solution to streamline their administrative processes stems from two things: First, they wanted access to an efficient, targeted IT tool kit that makes it easy to get started. Second, they wanted to prepare for organic growth

Choosing a cloud-based solution has given us a complete, ready-to-use IT environment from day one. It ensures that we are up and running quickly – without having to worry about anything related to IT at all. That’s why a cloud-based solution fits our desire to simplify and cut to the bone like a glove,” says Jesper Lindhardt.

Flexibility that adds value

The flexibility of Microsoft’s cloud platform is also central to Effekt Law Firm’s plans for future growth.

Placing all our IT in the cloud lets us adjust the amount of users and our capacity. So when the time comes, we can simply add new users. That kind of flexibility is invaluable to a dynamic start-up company. We are not locked into one system, so we can make adjustments easily,” says Jesper Lindhardt.

Given the value that the solution creates, I would not hesitate to call it a sound and absolutely acceptable investment,” concludes Jesper Lindhardt.

Want to see Legal 365 for free?

If you want to see what the Legal 365 solution is all about, please follow us to the contact page, and we will schedule a demo over the internet with you.